Read, Recycle, Repeat Literature In Transit

ReLIT NY provides free books to New York City's commuters. You'll see us outside subway stations every month handing out hundreds of free books to anyone who wants a good read.

Four out of every five people in New York take public transport to work every day. Often, it’s one’s only time alone, cut-off and away the demands of everyday life, when they are most apt to read. However, studies have shown that 52.6% of commuters do not engage in any sort of informational media on their journey. Moreover, as libraries close branches and we spend increasing amount of time online, books have become a luxury rather than a necessity.


ReLIT NY brings the first mass-scale book-sharing and reading program to the city's commuters. Our mission is to make reading easier, more convenient and cost-free.

All our gently-used books are donated by others just like you. ReLIT NY collects thems through its public drop-boxes (check the side panel for a list of sites) and distributes them at major commuter hubs such as Bryant Park and Union Square. Our dates vary but we always announce well ahead of time so sign-up on our mailing list or follow us online.

All you need is a few minutes to spare and some patience to rummage our boxes. That's it! There are no sign-ups, due-dates or registrations. Reading with us is quick, easy and 100% free.

Don't throw out your old books. Donate them to us so we can let its story live on.