about us


Our Mission:

ReLIT NY aims to encourage and promote an interest in reading by making books accessible and cost free and to also spark conversations and bring together the community that surrounds literature..

At the same time ReLIT NY offers a simple solution to a problem faced by many New Yorkers –– a lack of space for all their books, many of which are thrown out and not recycled properly. ReLIT NY offers the first ever attempt at an organized and mass-scale book-sharing program, providing not only a hassle-free but also an environmentally friendly reading option.



Buku Sarkar

Lisa Helfrich

Natalia Krasnova

Sarah Davis

David Boudreau

ReLIT NY is completely volunteer run. We do this from our heart and what we receive in return is a thankful smile from grateful individuals and the pleasure of seeing a book change hands and travel a long way.

There are more in our family. Our monthly handouts are conducted by all kinds of New Yorkers: teachers, parents, professionals and even high-school students.

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