Ways of helping:


Volunteer with ReLIT NY:

Volunteering with ReLIT means mucking about with old books and coming in direct contact with the diverse people on the streets of New York. It can also mean some heavy lifting, some heavy hollering and perhaps utilizing any special talents you feel may be of use.

Read our Volunteer FAQS section for more details.

Give To ReLIT NY

We are completely volunteer run and therefore have a small budget. Any contribution on your part, no matter how small will make a big difference to us. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all your contributions are 100% tax-free and will go directly towards our operating costs.

Donate your books

Low on space? Spring cleaning? Or just trying to get rid of unused titles? Please don't throw away your old books. Donate them to us so that we may recycle them to the public at our handouts.

We accept most kinds of books- fiction, non fiction, text books, children's as well as foreign titles. But please, remember that we aren't a waste bin. We are looking for materials that others would enjoy. Our donation boxes are limited in space. Please don't clutter them with unwanted material and this will also save you some time in lugging such heavy items all the way. The following are some types of books we don't wish to receive:

Old phone books

Pamphlets, manuals



How to Donate Your Books?

Currently, you can donate your books in three ways:

1) At our Drop Boxes located at

Whole Foods Union Sq.

We are trying our best to work with various neighborhoods and businesses to expand these locations. If you have an idea or suggestion for a new site, please let us know.

2) By mail at: ReLIT NY, PO Box 113, New York, NY 10014 (drop us a line to let us know it's on its way)

3) Or to any of our volunteers at a handout.

Unfortunately, it is not in our capacity at the moment to facilitate door-to-door pick-ups.