Gran left red-faced after family prank her to ‘help them avoid speeding ticket’

A grandmother ended up red-faced after her family convinced her to help them escape a speeding ticket by pretending she’d fallen.

Chey Hlady went viral after showing the effort her gran went to in a bid to help her family.

A video capturing the incident on TikTok racked up more than 700,000 views – and began with Cheyenne’s mum on the phone.

The caption says: “We told my nonna a cop is behind us and we got a speeding ticket and told the police our nonna fell.”

“No, no, no just pretend you were going towards the door in the front hall,” she tells her gran. “Just lay down, don’t sit up, lay down on your stomach.”

The dismayed grandmother can audibly be heard sighing as she mumbles ‘Oh Jesus’ before asking the cheeky duo if they’re out of their mind.

The woman then pushes back, claiming that the police officer is “right behind us” and the camera flips to show the pair in hysterics.

The footage then cut to show the dutiful grandmother lying on the floor, pretending to have just collapsed.

She can be heard saying “I’m okay” as Cheyenne’s mum picks her up off the floor asking if she was sure.

The grandmother can then be heard saying she slipped before the duo finally confess that it was a prank.

The video left people divided – with many finding it hysterical, as one person commented: “We now know nonna wouldn’t snitch.”

Another wrote: “She is the cutest thing ever I am crying.”

But another asked: “You all making your elderly nonna get on the floor for a prank? Couldn’t be me.”

“Nonna deserves an Oscar,” wrote another.